Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've received several comments from different folks about Natalie's comments about Anna. I have received questions and comments for years about Anna's boldness and gentle spirit in sharing the Lord. While I could wax philosophical, I have hot dogs to boil and pictures to print for a post-production party. Therefore, I will leave you with another picture of Anna's powerfully simple faith. This piece was writtend when she was three or four. This is simply who she has always been.


When the page comes up, you'll need to scroll down some to reach the text.


Jennifer said...

Tell my little Anna (if I may claim a little of her) that I love her very much and that somebody bedies her momma thinks that she is a powerful little warrior in the kingdom! Give her a bug hug from me okay? Jerri, I know you know this already but you have been truly blessed with amazing children that you are allowing God to raise into incredible and awesome people. Love you all!!

Robin said...

Jerri - you are a wonderful mom!



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