Friday, March 21, 2008

Beautiful Woman Part 4-- Contributing Beautifully

Contributing Beautifully

One of my concerns with having you look at Proverbs 31 and studying the contributions of this woman and others like her is the lie the enemy tells us which says we have value because of what we do. He tells us we have value because we contribute.

Let me give you a simple thought to meditate on and allow the Spirit to work into your spirit, mind, and heart.

You do not have value because you contribute.
You contribute because you have something of value to give.
Copyright Jerri Phillips 2008


Robin said...

Great post Jerri!

I'd like to add we have value because God said we do and was willing to send HIS SON to die on a cross. What LOVE! If someone is willing to die for us then we certainly have value and it has nothing to do with anything we've done because HE did it even before you and I were born.

Hynson Family Notes said...

Nice post. I think you are right. As women we tend to believe our value comes from our accomplishments and not in being a creation of the living God.

Anonymous said...

Hynson Family,

Sadly, I don't think it is just women. I watched my dad battle depression for years after he had his heart attacks and was disabled. He simply had no vision for why God left him here. I think if we could ever get that our value is the power and willingness to invest in others, we would rejoice in who we are, in God's salvation and promises, and in the moment as well as the future. But that is another post... :-)



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