Sunday, October 19, 2008

Warfare--Helmet of Salvation

This morning I was praying, and as so many others, I felt the weight of the deception that says this election is lost. I immediately took it to the Lord and confessed it. He told me to put on my armor and stand.

That is what we tend to say, but do we know what it means?

First, the helmet of salvation. What is that, and what kind of weaponry does it offer? The helmet covers our head and protects our brain-the part of us that thinks and responds. Simple. The Salvation aspect means we will think and respond as someone who understands the power in the sacrifice of Christ that bought our salvation. Often we try to make this much more complicated than it is.

Salvation is the defeat of the enemy’s work in our spirits and lives. Period. Salvation means the power of the devil is broken at the very core level of our identity. Simple.

If Christ’s death defeats Satan in our spirits and lives, He must render him powerless in every other way and in every other circumstance.

The KEY is our choice to think, act, and respond accordingly. Salvation does not mean we no longer have self will. It means we are no longer prisoners.

Authority does not mean we cannot hand our spoils over to the enemy as Hezekiah did in the Old Testament, but it means when we choose to stand our ground, our grounds is ours.

What does this have to do with the election? If we believe the same God who loves us so much wants the best for us, wants to lead us in paths of righteousness, wants to give us a godly leader, wants us to use our authority to hold our ground and set free prisoners and captives, we will act, think, and respond accordingly.

We will spend time in prayer. We will fast. We will not give in to the weight of the deception but trust God for a turn around.

Look, folks, there was a Friday when the earth was dark. Folks declared things hopeless. The ultimate battle had been lost. Only two days later, on Sunday atonement was fully declared for all who believed.

Salvation says, “I’ll believe it when I can’t see it.”
I didn’t see Jesus die, but I believe He did.
I didn’t see my sins wiped clean, but I believe they were.
I didn’t see my name written in the Lamb’s book of Life, but I believe it was.
I believe the same God who rendered Satan powerless at a tomb can do it in the elections in November.

Praying daily to keep my helmet on straight and align my thoughts with His….

Copyright Jerri Phillips 2008




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