Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thoughts from Jared Wasdin

Jared Wasdin is an amzing young man. Right now, he is in India having a long study time with God. I know he is technically there on a missions trip, but really, God wanted to Jard alone and talk. Periodically, Jared shares their conversations and things he learns from those conversations. Below, you will find his impromptu thoughts resulting from his time with the Lord.

Jared's study focus in media. I think it is focused on television. I think he'll be good. He has a heart for God and a heart to reach people. I have no doubt the Lord will bless him in that endeavor. However, I hope while he is busy working out films and productions he takes time to pen the things the Lord says, and I hope he shares them. They need to be shared.

When I get an update from Jared, I make sure I have "pondering time" because it is never something to read through, smile, and dismiss. Jared's reflections have life-altering power.

As I said, an amazing young man, but then, he is in love with an amazing God, so what can you expect?

Enough about Jared. The following is from Jared:

Now I am on a rant and can't stop, I have just finished reading Lord of the Rings and it often talks about Aragorn and how he is the King to be and a descendant from Higher men. It talks about how there is virtue is his blood. He is from the Kingly line of Numenor.

I have been pondering this lately thinking, what does it take to be more than a simple man, and to be a man who is called to virtue by blood and is defined by the virtuous lives of his forefathers to live likewise and himself carry the banner.

At some point every king was just some guy, who decided to live for more and in him and passed through him a great line was made, an ordinary man became a king. (except for all the ones who did it by killing their uncle, borther, or father etc, etc, aka most of medieval Europe) At some point the Shepard boy who is overlooked is chosen because his hidden qualities are shown. In my life I have seen how there are not many "real men" left or so I hear it out of the mouths of many women.

Is it a bold assumption to think that I am one? Or rather am becoming one? If I choose to be better than I am today, if I choose to live for more the next meal and next satisfaction of my senses, will virtue not rise in me and through me a line of great men, real men can again be found?

Of course it is nothing that comes from myself, but in my heart am I not already of royal lineage by blood? (this applies to women too) If I have been crucified and raised with Christ and am a part of his family, and He himself is a high priest as it says in Hebrews of the line of Melchezidek, a line of Priest Kings, is the blood of virtue not already coursing through me? Have I already in me that which I wish to find?

Am I already of a rare line of men, who stand upon the precipice of a fading world longing and fighting for renewal, standing for the King as an ambassador to this world? Can men still be sires of nations that are proud, fierce, dangerous, and yet virtuous? Does being a Christian require me to be a lamb, or can I not also be a Lion in the line of Judah? Why inside do I feel like I was meant for so much more, perhaps we all are, and right now I am just hearing the trumpet call from my King, calling me out to stand.

In my mind this quote comes from CS Lewis..."Of course he isn't safe, but He is good."




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