Wednesday, February 11, 2009

gratitude 14--On the Couch

This is my second day of being confined to my couch. A trip to the doctor yesterday confirmed I am sick with a bronchial avalanche of illness. I spent most of yesterday feeling sick and sorry for myself. However, my friend Debra, who is fighting an attack by MS, picked up her sword and went to war by saying, "Thank you, Daddy." Talk about an attitude adjustment.

My body is still on my couch, but my spirit is in the heavenlies, and I am thankful.

I'm thankful for...
1. Debra
2. Friends who give a good kick in the pants when necessary
3. A comfy couch
4. Lots of pillows
5. Warm blankets
6. Judie Hall, FPCN, who gives the meds that are necessary and doesn't take excuses
7. FPCNs who are moms and treat all their patients like their children--loving but firm, "Yes, I expect you to take this--ALL of it."
8. Husbands who go get the 6 prescriptions necessary for healing
9. Money to see the doctor
10. Movies on video
11. HGTV
12. MP3 players
13. Good worship music
14. A Bible in my language
15. Micorwavable meals
16. Children who are so helpful
17. Disciplined children who do their homeschool even when I can't talk
18. My voice
19. Telephones with text messages, for when I have no voice
20. Email to let folks know how I am and what our family needs
21. People who pray
22. Tortilla soup just the way I like it
23. Lisa Bell, who makes the best tortilla soup in the world and makes the trip over to bring it to me
24. Friends who understand "one more thing, and I'm going over the edge" emails and grab me by the back of my collar to pull me off the edge.
25. Good books
26. Vaporizers
27. Steamy showers
28. Children who like to snuggle
29. Children who read to me. Precious times!
30. Hot liquids
31. Ibuprofen
32. Soldiers in Iraq who send emails to let us know how they are
33. Soft kleenex
34. Living in a country where we can get medical help when we need it
35. A warm house
36. Rain
37. Warm socks
38. Comfy clothes
39. Cool weather to open bronchial tubes
40. Facebook, where people send me chicken soup, warm drinks, and gentle hugs
41. Ann Voskamp, who started logging her infinite gifts and spread the idea throughout a blogosphere
42. My God who gives all good gifts
43. Precious verses that pick me up on rough days
44. Anthony Evans, who sings some of my favorite refocus music
45. The chance to sleep when my body needs it
46. Movie bloppers that make us laugh
47. Seeds with promise, working silently underground until just the right time
48. Rockers on my deck where I can relax and let my lungs work better
49. Donette donuts for breakfast
50. Winning the book at Jan's contest
51. Having people on my side
52. For people who rejoice with me in our Father's goodness


Debra said...

Another day where satan bites the dust! I am amazed at how my spirit is lifted with gratitude. I love you bunches and am most grateful for you!

Here's to Joshua and Kay-leb and TAKING THE LAND!

Jan Parrish said...

So sorry to hear you've contracted this icky bug. I pray you'll soon be up and feeling well. I'm on day 18 of antibiotics. I hope yours doesn't last that long.

sharilyn said...

thank you for another great post of gratitude... i love it when we are grateful for our comfy beds, pillows, and comforters! :) i'm sorry you're a bit under the weather, and i shall pray for you--for a quick recovery and for a heart full of joy as you rest along the recovery road.



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