Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Sweet Gift-In MaryB's Words

When I wrote the pieces about my friends, I sent them to the respective friend first to read and make sure they approve. MaryB was the first to respond, and when I read her response, I wanted to share it because it is part of the friendship picture. I'll talk about it and the other responses more toward the end of this series. In the meantime, I suggest you ask the Lord for His wisdom to see what He wants you to hear and know through this series--both in what I write and the responses. He is excited to meet you where you are and to give you what you need...and show you His heart toward you.

And now...

From MaryB...

Aww, now you made me cry, lol. You can post it if you want to. I have to laugh - you and Eleanor both - how much our friendship means to you. Don't get me wrong - I think it's wonderful! But what I have in return is just as priceless! I was in much the same place as you. The edge is such a cool place to live and it's hard to find other edgers. Although Donna is one - that's why Papa sent Jenny out to be mentored under her - Jenny is destined to live farther off the edge than I can imagine. But it was the way you spoke of your relationship with the Lord that drew me to correspond with you further. I had never heard anyone talk of Him the way you did, and it was what I wanted. And whatever your own struggles were, it didn't matter - we're all on a journey and the closer we get to the end of our journeys, the more of our burdens are laid down. He simply loves us to pieces all along the way. Laughs with delight over us.

Love you! MaryB




Red Light Rescue

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