Monday, July 27, 2009

Gratitude 22--Praise in the Desert

Some days gratitude comes easy. Words of thanks spill from my mouth as an overflowing fountain. Other days I must dig for them as precious water in a desert, but even in the desert there are streams of nourishment, streams of healing, streams of promise. Today, I give praise for the streams.

1. A banner welcoming me home when I go away.

2. Rain in a miserably hot Texas July.

3. Journals to record the streams

4. Millie-to remind me if I have compassion for her when she is scared in a storm, how much more does my perfect Father have compassion on me.

(and sideways pictures to remind me that sometimes a different perspective can take the mundane to at least humorous, and a merry heart doth a body good)

5. A Rock to stand on that not only gives me solid footing but also a light for my path

6. A simple cup of coffee

7. My favorite pens--gifts for returning home from a writer's conference.

8. Perfect verses to keep me on my feet by reminding me of the power of being on my knees.
"But I will hope continually,
And will praise You yet more and more." ~ Psalm 71:13 (posted by Ann Voskamp today)

9. Text messages from friends holding up my arms

10. Chocolate cupcakes
11. CHEERios

12. Butterflies and Purple Zinnias
13. Morning Glories joyfully climbing in my garden on the oddest ladders. Could God be saying He has provided the way up...even if it isn't the elegant and prestine trellis that I tend to look for?
14. An umbrella ready to be used...but usually left behind because rain is good for the soul...
15. Reminders of the need for focus.
16. Not everything adds up the way I want it to, but that doesn't mean God's answers are wrong.

17. Tennis Shoes--to walk in the rain and dance in the streams...

18. God's faithfulness

19. Knowing the rain will come because He said it would...even when I can't see a cloud in the sky...

20. The sound of a thousand waters with every little rain drop.


Debra said...

Simply beautiful ... as are you my beloved friend. I am standing with you always! I love you!

sharilyn said...

thanks for the reminder, jerri... seems like the streams have been a bit hard for me to find lately, and i appreciate the reminder...

Jenny B. said...

I also have a dormant umbrella!

Jan Parrish said...

Great post. Love the butterfly shot. My what little feet you have.
Blessings, Jan



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