Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gratitude 25--Choosing to Hear the TeNoR PLAy

Years ago, I was memorizing parts of Philippians 4. When I reached the list of things to think on, I needed something to make them cohesive. I put them in a list:

My boyfriend immediately came to mind. No, not because I was so madly in love that he was all of those things but because he played the tenor saxophone. See it yet?



Today, that boyfriend is my husband of 18 years, and his saxophone sits in our garage. Most of the time, I think he is still really wonderful, but sometimes, on days like today, he hurts my feelings, not just a little but a lot, and it is easy to get bad and offended and hang on to that. It is easy to see the aggravating things he "always" does and to forget the good things he "never" does. Trust me, folks, I learned from the best on how to nurse a grudge. But the fact is, I don't want to nurse a grudge, and he doesn't "always" do those aggravating things, nor does he "never" do good things. But mentally knowing that and emotionally moving beyond it sadly are not always simultaneous actions. My emotions often need a bit of help.

That is when again the TeNoR PLAys.

True--He loves me and wants to be the perfect husband for me. Really, in his heart, he would never ever do anything to hurt me, and it hurts him when he knows he's hurt me or let me down in anyway.
Noble--He works so hard, and he doesn't complain. Even when he's tired, he does what needs to be done to take care of our family and meet our needs.
Right--He respects others and makes the effort to see their good points and their good intentions.
Pure--He isn't ego driven.
Lovely--He lights up when he sees us. He really enjoys being a husband and dad. He really enjoys us.
Admirable--When something is settled, it is settled. He never brings it up again.

He's all those things and more. Even on days like today, he's music to my ears, and I'm so thankful he's my husband.


Debra said...

I LOVE this ... so precious! What an awesome wife and mom you are to your awesome husband. Love you!

Jenny B. said...

I love this, too! I always love hearing the love songs/poems/works of married couples. It's a beautiful testimony!

sharilyn said...


i used to create acronyms to memorized information for tests in high school and college, but somehow, never thought to use the method in memorizing Scripture! i have always (and rather unsucessfully) tried to memorize this list... now, thanks to you, i will remember it!! i think. :)

love how you applied it to your hubby.... well-done, good and faithful servant.

Anonymous said...

All of you ladies, thank you. I love how God enables us to serve and worship Him.



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