Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When She Flies

She is still my little girl. She still likes to play Little Pet Shop, sleeps with a stuffed animal, and struggles to find matching shoes in her room. When she is sick, she wants her mom and her blanket, and when dancing around the kitchen with her dad, she still stands on his feet.

Don't be fooled, though. Inside that quiet, gentle little girl is a King's daughter who loves to fly.

Last week, she soared.

On Monday, a man came to check on our A/C. While here, Anna told him about Redlight Rescue and encouraged him to prayerfully consider donating to save girls from the sex trade. He asked if he needed to donate in her name. No. Just donate.

I watched his face. I know the look in his eyes. I've seen it before.

Wonder...as he looked at a twelve-year old girl with compassion the size of a planet.

It is a look in many eyes when they look at this little girl of mine who believes she can have a great impact.

On Wednesday, this man returned with the A/C part...and money. He was matching Anna's pledge. He handed her the investment...in the girls around the world...in her.

"My wife and I decided to give this to you directly because we want you to know if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have known, and if we hadn't known, we couldn't help. You are making a difference."

Her eyes shone with joy.

Mine blurred with proud tears.

On Thursday, she and her daddy headed to Austin for Teenpact, a time to learn how government works, the importance of godly leaders, and the steps to making a difference. That last she already knows.

At Subway, she sees a young lady in her late teens and asks what she always asks (I mean always). "Can I ask you a question?" A smile and nod. "Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior?" A shake of the head. "Would you like to know about Him?" Yes, she would.

So, they slip to the side, and Anna explains sin, sacrifice, salvation. The need. The answer. The hope.

When done, she invites. "Do you want to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior?"

The young lady accepts the invitation, and Anna walks the lost sheep into the Shepherd's arms.

Heaven rejoices, and Anna's voice joins them.

On Sunday Anna is home from her trip and heads off to youth group, money in hand...enough to rescue one girl. With joy she tells her pastors about the A/C man, about her sharing, about the donation. She cannot wait to give the money...to make a difference...to save someone.

During the service, she is surprised when the pastor calls her to the stage. He asks a few questions, and then he opens the door for her to tell about the money, how she had simply shared her passion, how the man and his wife had responded...how a life will be forever changed...how others are set free...because she's not afraid to soar.


Diane Cook said...

Anna is indeed a special young lady. She is soaring because of the stellar examples of her mom and dad !!!

Anonymous said...

Diane, thank you. We are so blessed. God is amazing and so faithful.



Red Light Rescue

Imagine being a parent barely able to pay bills and someone comes to your home and promises to educate your daughter and find her a job. You agree, hoping to give her a better life. Then she disappears, and you find out she is not being educated. Instead, she is a prostitute, a victim of human-trafficking, beaten and abused daily. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? For 100,000 girls in India, this is reality. To find out how you can help, please visit Red Light Rescue.


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