Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Growing Faith

This morning I was thinking about my garden. It looks pretty puny. We've tried gardens before, and they were flops.

This year I felt like the Lord said to plant a garden because we would get a good harvest from it, so we did. We put in tomatoes, peppers, onions, and a variety of seeds...along with a lot of our money. So far...well, I'm really learning to see with faith on this.

This morning I was so frustrated I wanted to quit, just walk away and give it up to the hot Texas summer. Then the Lord spoke to me, "What about my promise? Do you not believe my promise just because you can't see it?"


So once the sun comes up and before it starts to get too warm, I'll be out there watering again, praying over the okra, corn, tomatoes, peppers, and beans. Sowing into His promise...praying as I go...asking Him to remind me of other promises that the desert sun has assaulted and praying for the faith to believe again for what I do not yet see.


Debra said...

I am standing right there with you ... He will turn this desert into a vibrant garden. He is building streams and rivers. I can smell the water. Love you!

Jerri Phillips said...

I was up at 3:54 this morning. Immediately read through Isaiah 35, streams in the desert.

"I can smell that water." Love that! Love you!

sharilyn said...

streams in the wasteland
and a way in the desert...
and she shall be like a tree planted by streams of LIVING water...
an oak of righteousness...
displaying His splendor...


and if you get a few veges on the side, it will be an added blessing, no? :)



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