Monday, March 31, 2008

Urgent Prayer Need!!!!

Ethan Powell is a beautiful 16 month old boy who has been battling leukemia for 14 months now. Last week, the doctors gave a glorious report. Then the enemy came back like a wave. Ethan and his family are in need of intercessors to beat back the wave and defeat the enemy at the gates.

He has developed a lung problem that has put him at high risk. The doctor has said a miraculous turnaround is needed.

I'm asking you to pray for:
1. A miraculous healing.
2. For Ben and Becky's faith to stand firm despite what they see through a window.
3. For the warriors' faith to stand no matter what they read.
4. For the leukemia to be removed from Ethan's body completely never to return by way of God's healing on this side of Heaven.
5. That no one settle for losing this baby to this evil disease but that warriors would rise up to intercede on behalf of this family.
6. If need be, for your own faith to see this child healed.

Thank you for your prayers.


Jan Parrish said...

Father God,

Surround this little one with your peace, love and protection. Bring balance to his body where there are imbalances, restore health to the organs that are not working properly and touch Him in a miraculous way so that he will never be the same again.

May Ben and Becky and their entire family marvel in the work of your hands.

May Ethan's life and healing be a testimony for all to see.

I pray for peace and joy in the midst of chaos. I pray for hope renewed and faith restored.

In Jesus Name,


Jan Parrish said...

Any news? Still praying.



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