Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman Family

Please keep the Steven Curtis Chapman family in your prayers. If you have not heard, his daughter Maria, 5, was killed today. The Chapman's teenage son did not see her in the drive way and ran over her with an SUV.

While the family needs prayer as they grieve this horrible loss, I plead with you to hold this young man up in prayer, not just now but any time in years to come when he comes to mind or you hear about such a tragedy. He needs God so much. Only the Lord will get him through this.

Thank you for being a people of prayer.


e-Mom said...

What a terrible tragedy! Prayers for the Chapmans.

I'm here by way of Wendy's Melodious Meyhem.

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Robin said...

I read this sad story earlier today. How horrible. I feel so for the whole family especially the young man who had the accident. He needs lots of prayer now for healing of his mind and that he realizes that God is still in control of the whole situation and that God still has amazing plans for his life and that God can use him. Yes, we must pray - God has plans for this young man and the devil is trying to trip him up.



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