Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you help me?

This is not a test. I'm just wondering where I missed it, so I'm asking for someone to show me.

Where in the Bible does God say healing and death are the same thing? Where does it say, "And Jesus healed them by letting them die?"

I keep hearing folks say of people who died of different things, "God healed them, just not the way you wanted." No. The body dies on its own. It is the natural process of the human body to die. Healing indicates a different course of action--that the sickness has been removed and health restored. Otherwise, how do we know when Jesus healed those crowds of people it wasn't a mass killing/healing experience?

I'm not trying to split hairs. I'm not trying to judge. I haven't found where dying and healing go together, but I don't have the Bible memorized, so someone help me out. Where did I miss God's promise of healing by letting folks die?


Mary Brinton said...

OUCH! Yeah! OOH I HATE it when I see these places where I've been lulled into disbelief! Or rather, I hate the disbelief. I'm glad to be made aware of it. So sneaky, the inroads in our thinking, to go from where the church was after Pentecost to today.

Wake up, Church! Walk in the supernatural where you belong!

Todd, Kari, Anna and Gracie said...

I wanted to come by and say hello!! I think of you often and pray that you and your family are alright...God Speed my wonderful friend!



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