Thursday, March 12, 2009


MONTHS ago I won a contest on Jan's blog. She made me a beautiful scarf that I have very much enjoyed. I gave up crochet and knitting, but I like to paint. In fact, I enjoy painting birdhouses. If you like birdhouses, or know someone who does, this could be the perfect contest for you!

Here's how the contest works. On March 27th, I will draw two names from the comments below. Each will receive a birdhouse similar to the one below (the background colors differ because I mix them when I paint them). In turn, if you win, you must make two handmade items (of your choice) and post it on your blog within a year (enclose a link leading back to this page). That's all there is to it. Are you interested? Leave a comment below and lets get started.

Note: The picture does not adequately display the decoration on the birdhouse. The snowflakes are covered in white and irridescent glitter, and the shingles drip "snow" in the form of glitter as well. The base also sparkles with the winter beauty. This is not an outside birdhouse as I could not find a way to protect the glitter and paint from the elements without damaging the decoration. It does, however, make a lovely decorative piece for the winter.



Amelia said...

I'm in. I could use an excuse to do something fun and creative.

marina said...

coming by to say Hello and hope all is well :) marina



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