Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gratitude 17--Morning Gratitude

The temperatures are warm enough for quiet mornings on the deck. In the early morning light, I sit in quiet and seek the Lord. I find wondrous things...

1. Two trees intertwined to make one boasting of peach and plum blossoms.
2. Owls asking "hoo" else is enjoying the morning.
3. Birds singing praise.
4. Trees waving their arms in the breeze, rejoicing.
5. I raise my arms, too. Why should the trees have all the fun?
6. A comfy rocker.
7. Hot coffee.
8. Quiet solitude.
9. Enough light to journal by
9. A Bible in my language.
10. The ability to read.
11. The Lord desiring me so much He wakes me up early so we can be alone.


Amelia said...


sharilyn said...

i love, love, love! #4!! :) sounds heavenly...



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"It's not the wind in our hair that makes us free. It's the movement of the Spirit, the growth of our invisible side." --Amber Haines

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