Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gratitude 19 -- The Way You See Me

This morning I sat on the deck and spent some time with DADDY. This is my place I go to curl up with Him, to laugh with Him, to thank Him, to tell Him how much He means to me. Today, though, He had a request for me. Would I do something for Him? Yes. Absolutely. What?

"Tell me how thankful you are for how I made you and see you?"

A silent second in which I processe the surprise request. Then I took a deep breath.

1. Thank you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
2. Thank you that I have a purpose, and it is good.
3. Thank you that I am beautiful.
4. Thank you that I am creative beyond my present dreams.
5. Thank you that I am kind.
6. Thank you that I am generous.
7. Thank you that I am gracious.
8. Thank you that I am patient.
9. Thank you that I am joyful--hilariously so.
10. Thank you that I am loving.
11. Thank you that I am incomparable.
12. Thank you that I am amazing.
13. Thank you that I persevere.
14. Thank you that I am humble.
15. Thank you that I am forever before you.
16. Thank you that when your eyes roam the earth to find someone to uphold, I am the one they fall on.
17. Thank you that I am the apple of your eye.
18. Thank you that I am the lost sheep you searched for, found, and carried home.
19. Thank you that you rejoice over me with singing.
20. Thank you that you that I am hidden in the shadow of your wings.
21. Thank you that I call to you and know you answer.
22. Thank you that I am the joy of your heart.
23. Thank you that I am disciplined with love.
24. Thank you that I am fully equipped for every good work you have called me to.
25. Thank you that everything I do prospers.

Thank you that I am your Beloved--
chosen, adored, desired,
that I delight you,
that I make your heart sing,
that I impassion you,
that I am the one your leave your throne for,
the one that enraptures you,
the very one you long for.

And you can thank God that you are all of those things, too.


Debra said...

Yes you are and He is ... Amen, Sister! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

Jan Parrish said...

I love this. What a wonderful tool in remembering our value in Him.



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