Monday, April 27, 2009

Gratitude 20--Relay for Life

Friday night my daughter Anna participated in Relay for Life. While I did not raise money, I was a full participant along with her. It was a great joy to see her succeed and walk away with such a great sense of accomplishment. It is a time for which I am greatly thankful.

I am thankful for many things associated with our participation in Relay for Life.

1. The Survivor Dinner celebrating those who have beaten cancer.

2a. Black tape that held down potted plants and tablecloths in the 30 mph sustained winds.

2b. Hubbies who help out.

3. VOLUNTEERS!!! Male, female, adult, and teens. They rocked!!!

4. Kitti's found keys

5. Purple Care Giver sashes worn by so many loving friends and family members

6. Flamingo Flocking that raises a lot of money

7. Two one-man teams that walked or ran 12 hours all by themselves logging 50 miles and raising large amounts of money
8. Cupcakes

9. Teenagers who really liked the cupcakes!

10. Elvis, who bought $30 worth of stuff, gave us two $20s, and then told us to resell all but one cookie. He did that for every team there. Talk about class!

11. Farmers Electric with their barbecue pit and great prices on delicious food.
12. Fun games for the young folks to play when they weren't walking.

13. Sleeping bags for warmth, even if we didn't sleep.

14. Five "strangers" who became friends so Anna could do the Crazy Bat race.

15. Jordan, event co-director, who worked hard to make sure the teens had stuff to do.

16. A Memory Garden

17. Luminaries glowing brightly

18. Survivors walking the first lap, screaming with their presence, "Cancer can be defeated!"

19. Teenage boys who walked around the track bouncing basketballs and pulling toddlers in a wagon.
20. Comfortable shoes.

20b. That my toe where I lost my toenail didn't hurt AT ALL!
20c. For bandaids for the HUGE blister on my pinky toe of the other foot.

21. Everyone who donated.

22. Everyone who prayed.

23. For soft grass to walk on when aching feet could not tolerate the track any longer.

24. No storms.

25. Fun laps--toga lap, 70s/80s lap, team attire lap, crazy hat lap, and pajama lap

26. Team members who took us in when they didn't know us

27. Water

28. Pancake breakfast

29. A safe trip home after a long night

30. Nearly $70,000 raised in the fight against cancer

31. The feeling that an 11-year old can make a difference

32. The teens that should make their parents proud because they conducted themselves well and stayed committed to the very end

33. A safe hour long drive home after being up all night.

34. The priceless privilege of being part of my daughter's life.

35. The crazy desire to do it all again next year.


Debra said...

Love it and love you and Anna and love the praise report in the corner of this page and all these bright and beautiful colors. GOD ROCKS! And, so do you, my sweet sister ...



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