Monday, June 14, 2010

Gratitude 38--When It Storms

Seven days...a universe is formed...a God proves His power...proves His willingness and ability to provide...

Seven my life...He proves it all again...

916. Wonder Boy is in wonder as he sorts through his treasure trove of Legos...and he is thankful Ms. Vanessa was patient with the lost phone we couldn't answer...the slow timing of the day...

917. Finally finding the source of the smell...a rusted pipe easy to fix...

918. Carpet that easily pulls away so the soggy pad can dry...

919. Fans that keep air moving

920. A strong man in the house who could handle the rearranging of the bedroom.

921. Yellow fingernail polish, a missing Pet Shop, flashlight with batteries still powered...wonders lost and found...under the bed

922. The road home

923. Enough room to miss the pickup who wanted my lane...while I was occupying it

924. Brakes that were damaged but not broken when I avoided the embankment

925. Mechanics we can trust

926. Places to sleep that are not our bedroom...where tired and sick bodies rest close and comforted

927. The privilege of being a mom...especially when they really need one...

928. Doctors who do stress tests because something "seems wrong"

929. Surgical procedures that allow my dad to be alive and healthy longer.

930. Rest...when...

...the leak is fixed
...the carpet and pad are dry
...temperatures have returned to normal
...the van sits in our driveway again

...and the storm has subsided




Red Light Rescue

Imagine being a parent barely able to pay bills and someone comes to your home and promises to educate your daughter and find her a job. You agree, hoping to give her a better life. Then she disappears, and you find out she is not being educated. Instead, she is a prostitute, a victim of human-trafficking, beaten and abused daily. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? For 100,000 girls in India, this is reality. To find out how you can help, please visit Red Light Rescue.


"It's not the wind in our hair that makes us free. It's the movement of the Spirit, the growth of our invisible side." --Amber Haines

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