Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Creating Redemption

All creation starts with You.

It's a crazy thing to wrap my brain around. Nothing, and You show up, and You're everything.

You are not a mere observer as some would like to suggest. On the contrary, You are the conductor with music mad in Your mind but coming forth symphonies through Your hands. You are the sculptor incapable of reproducing what You have already done because You are wild with the new. Passion and power collide into explosions of life calling breaths.

What looks like chaos is creation in the hands of the ultimate Creator--One uncaring about creating order if order defies Your plans for redemption. And what is man's idea order in the vastness of such powerful vision anyway? Who who am I to tell You how it should look or how it should feel?

I beg for new, cry out for extraordinary, plead for anything but here. You answer in resounding thunder, and I am blinded by the lightning screaming through my darkness. I am terrified and amazed and torn between hiding my face and staring in awe at the God who answers such pithy prayers with wonders beyond all I ever imagined.

I am terrified and fascinated, and my breath escapes me.

This is not what I meant. This was not what I had planned. I didn't mean for the very ground I stand on to be jerked out from under me, and You answer, "The only safe place to stand is in Me."

My feet scramble...trying to find something solid...trying to get a footing in the only Constant. I hit my knees, tears burning hot, and I find You. Not the safe You I expected...have believed in...but the wild You...the One unafraid to radically tear down to gloriously build up.

Do I have the faith for You? Do I have the trust for...this?

Can I trust You for the new when my heart grieves so deeply the old?

Can I truly believe You are everything when all around me looks like...nothing...I ever would have chosen?

Oh, God...help my unbelief, and in Your act of creative redemption, stop at nothing until I see You're everything.


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Beautiful post, Jerri. Love your lines..."The only safe place to stand is in Me" and "Oh, God...help my unbelief, and in Your act of creative redemption, stop at nothing until I see You're everything." Amen!!!

Praying for you, sweet friend.

Anonymous said...

Precious Lisa, thank you for your kinds words and especially your prayers. Love you, my friend!

Debra said...

I LOVE our wild, radical Daddy! I love what He is doing and I love what you shared and I love you! He is doing something WONDER! He makes everything glorious! And, oh, how He loves us. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, my friend, OH HOW HE LOVES US!!!!



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