Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Presidential Debate Tonight

Please keep Senator McCain in your prayers today and tonight. This is a huge debate. For specifics needs or suggestions on how to pray, please visit Blessing Sarah Palin.

Also, states to be praying for--Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. These are considered key states that are uncommitted.

I am also posting a request by the McCain/Palin campaign requesting callers.

Dear Friend,

As you know, this year's presidential race is likely to be extremely close. And the stakes have never been higher. Every door knocked, every piece of literature distributed, and every phone call made can literally make the difference in the election of the McCain-Palin ticket. (In 2004 some states were won by less than 2 votes per precinct!)

This election is going to be won in a handful of "battleground" states. That is why we are asking Senator McCain's friends and supporters in other states, states where the polls show the race is not quite as close, to "get in the game" by making phone calls into those battleground states. Your effort could help ensure a McCain-Palin victory. We need your help and we need your help now.

The campaign has organized what we call "Virtual Phone Banks" that you can access from anywhere. You simply need to log onto your computer, sign up as a member of the McCain "social conservative" coalition (Americans of Faith for McCain), pull up a list of potential supporters in a target state, and, with the use of the prepared script that will be provided, you can begin your calls. It's that simple. Click here for direct link: www.johnmccain.com/phonebank.

Please also send an email to Americansoffaith@mccain08hq.com to let us know that you are willing to serve as a McCain-Palin volunteer on our virtual phone bank. We want to make sure that John McCain and Sarah Palin know that you and other conservatives across the country are logging on the "virtual phone bank" to help.

Thank you in advance and may God bless you and your family!


Americans of Faith for McCain Steering Committee


Todd, Kari, Anna and Gracie said...

Hi!! I saw some of the debate and think our girl really did a great job!!! She held herself with such grace!! I just love Palin...My family and I thought she did a great job!!!

Thanks for your post!! I will be sharing this with my family!!



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