Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Every minute counts.

Minutes make up hours.
Hours make up days.
Days make up weeks.
Weeks make up months.
Months make up years.
Yearts make up a lifetime.

And every lifetime counts.

YOUR lifetime counts.


Debra said...

Yes ma'am and AMEN!

sharilyn said...

very important reminder as we start a new year...thanks! and, did you change the colors, or am i losing my memory?!?! : ) happy new year to you, jerri!

Jan Parrish said...

What a great reminder. Thanks Jerri.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for noticing!

Yes, I did change the colors. It was all icy here yesterday, and I was going to go with a wintry blue and white theme, but then I liked the green. Then I ended up with the blue. Yellow seemed the obvious third choice, so in the middle of winter, spring just showed up. I find that to be very much like God. Don't you think?



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