Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayer for our Soldiers

Two years ago our family started supporting soldiers through Any Soldier, a soldier support organization. That year we were blessed to support some very fine soldiers, and we have been honored to keep contact with some of them. One such soldier is SGT Kevin Zuniga.

SGT Zuniga returned to Iraq in December, and we have again committed to supporting him. The requests of him and his squad are simple: letters, cookies, but most of all, prayer.

Prayer comforts their hearts, protects their bodies, and refreshes their spirits. They cannot do their job and return to "normal" life without the power of God to help them.

You do not have to visit Any Soldier or find a specific soldier who needs prayer. They all do. Please remember them in your quiet time, family prayers, and corporate prayer. And please don't forget their families as well.

Thank you.




Red Light Rescue

Imagine being a parent barely able to pay bills and someone comes to your home and promises to educate your daughter and find her a job. You agree, hoping to give her a better life. Then she disappears, and you find out she is not being educated. Instead, she is a prostitute, a victim of human-trafficking, beaten and abused daily. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? For 100,000 girls in India, this is reality. To find out how you can help, please visit Red Light Rescue.


"It's not the wind in our hair that makes us free. It's the movement of the Spirit, the growth of our invisible side." --Amber Haines

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