Monday, January 26, 2009

Truth and Spirit

I visted Ann over at A Holy Experience today, and as usual, the Lord used what she wrote to emphasis what He has been speaking to me. I commented on her post, and I decided to share it here as well.

This morning the Lord gave me an odd phrase--"the Absurdity of Spirituality". It seemed a bit paradoxical coming from One we are called to worship in spirit and truth, and, yet, in it is truth.

I was raised in a home where anything that was not practical or overtly spiritual was condemned. To do something for sheer enjoyment was fleshly and sinful. If it served no obvious purpose, it obviously served no purpose.

How much truth do I miss in my quest to be oh, so spiritual? I don't have to open a coffee shop for folks to congregate when I can simply hand them a cup of coffee in my kitchen and congregate with them. I forget the simple things--bread, water, acceptance, a room, a hug. Yes, Jesus fed thousands at a time, but the changed lives we read about happened one at a time. One woman at a well. One man in a cemetary. One desperate mom begging for her daughter's healing. One dad with one son who needed deliverance. One woman who had one thought: If I can touch the hem of His garment.

If I touch one person each day, in a year, that will be 365 times Jesus touches someone through me...just being me, doing what I do. And that is the truth.

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sharilyn said...

words most wise, jerri. thanks. i so often think i have no influence for God on other people (especially since i'm single and don't have a family of my own), and i have to remind myself that God is so very near in the small things--a card, an email, a word, a call. each of these can make a difference in someone's day, week, life... i must be faithful to step out in those small ways where He gives me opportunity...



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