Monday, March 8, 2010

Gratitude 29--Rain and Shine

When life hands me both...
731. Sunshine warming and lively
732. Raised beds being filled

733. Menfolk working together

734. Blossoms exploding

735. Peaches in the promise stage

736. The wondrous smell of plum blossoms

737. Onions planted and ready to grow

738. Flowers with room to grow

739. A game of dominoes adding up to great family time

740. Chocolate covered strawberries, a misunderstood request but a delicious delight anyway

741. A new BBQ place to try

742. Rain--nurturing and calm

743. Hard conversations that bring willing hearts closer

744. Warm showers inside after a long walk in chilly showers outside
745. Boys curled up in blankets in unexpected places

746. Nurses giving advice about earaches when the doctor's office is closed

747. Decongestants relieving pressure from tender ears

748. Two swimsuits just her size

749. Sleep, restorative and blessed
750. His hand holding on, even in the hard places


Trisha said...

Lovely pictures, Jerri! We love playing Dominoes, too. Is it Mexican Train, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Trisha, we love Mexican Train, but Robert wanted to play regular old dominoes that day, so we did. Lots of fun! Prayerfully, we are instilling values and habits that our children will take into their marriages so they will have closely knit families as well.




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