Monday, March 22, 2010

Gratitude 30--Being Still, Being Thankful

Last week was a frenzy, but I thought I handled it well. Today makes last week look like a walk in the park. To say it's been crazy would be an understatement, and I refuse to go crazy, so I'm going to be thankful.

Thank you, Father, for:

751. Whispering the importance of being still

752. Sunshine to warm me through and through

753. Amazing children who are rolling with the demands of today

754. Two empty CDs

755. Wilson's driving here to pick up the filled CDs

756. Melissa--O! Lord, such a woman of grace to cover me...

757. Grace, grace, and more grace

758. A husband who keeps telling me I'm normal, this is normal, and it is okay

759. Take out...sigh...

760. Women of grace who bless me even when I say, "I can't..."

761. Deliverance from needing to always say yes...even when it is impossible, punishes my family, and isn't a work of excellence for you

762. Leftover birthday cake

763. Just enough milk...

764. That some folks know when, "I can't talk right now," is honest, and it isn't about them.

765. Another chance.

766. Promotion

767. Hoodies

768. Ephesians 3:20

769. That right now, you are doing more than I can dream or imagine

770. My children's laughter

771. Prayers of friends

772. Snuggle time in the big bed that calms my soul and reminds me of Your heart

773. Birds singing

774. Giving thanks in everything

775. The calm that has come from simply making this list.

Lord, you are so good to me. You are faithful beyond words, and you are my escape, my very breath. I love you!


Trisha said...

Hope this week is calmer for you Jerri! We're getting over a bit of sickness, and I've been experiencing a bit of that frenzied feeling as well. I know you've listed such beautiful gifts from Him, but I can't tell you how many times I do thank Him for "just enough milk." That one especially made me smile.

Jerri Phillips said...

Trisha, I thought of you this morning, and I laughed so hard my children stared at me. I opened the fridge to get the eggs and milk for French toast...and there was NO MILK!!!

My son ate the rest of the tuna salad, and my daughter and I had frozen waffles...LOL...and we were THANKFUL!!!!

Hope you are feeling better!



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