Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feeling Sheepish

Yesterday my friend Debra posted a wonderful post--two of them actually--but one in particular helped me get refocused. It's title is "I Am A Sheep".

Her next post was perfectly focused, THE Shepherd.

Flock on over and read them both. :-)

Then I got inspired and wrote my own version of Psalm 23 as a comment. I hope it bless you if you, like some of the rest of us, are feeling sheepish right now.

--From this small sheep

Psalm 23
(as it has meaning in my life today)

The Lord is my Shepherd, and He provides me with everything I need.

He gives me rest in abundant places that are soft and gentle to my weary body. He leads me beside waters that refresh my soul without my being overcome.

He restores the very core of who I am and holds together my trust in Him. He leads me in the paths that are right and merciful because He is the perfect Shepherd and can do nothing less.

Even though I walk through dark places that I wish I could avoid, I do not fear the outcome or what might come my way because you are with me and make your presence known to me. Your rod and staff lead me to safe places and protect me from my own wandering ways. You are ever vigilant, and the enemy cannot reach me.

Nothing keeps you from meeting my needs and providing for me perfectly.

Surely your goodness and mercy will stay with me and you will hem me in by going before me and behind me all the days of my life, and I will be blessed with your presence always.

--personal paraphrase by Jerri Phillips


Robin said...

Now it's time to pray for our President Elect and our country. I posted a link on the post dated 11-5-08.

Jerri Phillips said...

You linked to my site?

Robin said...

Sorry for the confusion Jerri - I was saying that I linked to the Presidential Prayer Team, but wasn't very clear.

I linked to four posts that I had read also - Randy Alcorn and three others. I've now read a bunch more, but decided not to link all of them so as not to be overwhelming. But I do have your blog on my side bar linked on more than one of my blogs and I "follow" your blogs as well. Blogger has a neat feature that allows people to follow blogs - gives an update whenever there is a new post - so it saves time from clicking over when there is nothing new.

I appreciate your blog and the wisdom you share! Thanks Jerri!

Jerri Phillips said...

Robin, I saw the links when I visited yesterday :-) I cannot tell you how many emails I received yesterday with thoughts from "big name" folks on the election, and really, they all boiled down to what I said in "God's Word is the Only One that Matters."

It is now time to pray for the President Elect. We need to pray for righteous leaders and righteous advisors for him, and we need to ask the Lord for more intercessors.

It is quite possible that Barack Obama may be the most prayed for president in US history. Wouldn't that be a hoot? :-)

And you know what? That is what we need right now.

Robin said...

Tiffany shared a comment from a friend of hers who said she may not have prayed as much for McCain... so basically what you said...

Yes, you are right prayer is what we need right now!!!



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