Monday, November 10, 2008

Gratitude 6--Headcolds

No, I'm not thankful for headcolds. However, when I have a headcold, there are things which normally get overlooked or taken for granted that suddenly evoke immense gratitude.

Some such things include:

1. Hot fluids to drink.
2. Sonic cokes. I have no medical reason, but the fizz helps my head.
3. Sweats.
4. Hoodie jackets
5. Fuzzy slippers
6. Ibuprofen
7. Recliners to sleep in so I can breathe and my ears don't hurt
8. Hot water bottles
9 Steamy bathrooms
10. Electric blankets
11. Soft quilts
12. My mom's chicken and dumplin's. Life simply doesn't get much better than that, folks.
13. Good chickflicks so I can stare mindlessly and not think.
14. Snuggly hubby.
15. Prayers of others
16. The knowledge it will pass
17. Kind emails, phone calls, and cards
18. Lap throws that were given to me by students in my signing choir
19. Humidifiers, vaporizers, and moisture in the air
20. Mashed potatoes
21. My husband's stepdad's gumbo. No, it isn't quite up there with the chicken and dumplin's, but it ambrosia, folks.
22. Cool wash cloths
23. Massagers that vibrate on my cheeks and foreheads to break up the gunk in them
24. Lotion endowed Kleenex
25. A cozy bed
26. A soft pillow, lots of them stacked up.
27. Naps
28. That my children are old enough to let me take a nap.
29. Apple cider, made with real cinnamon sticks and a bag of spices. Oh, yeah...
30. That my children don't have it
31. My husband can cook
32. Silence

Never realized how grateful being sick could make me.

Isn't God so good?

Here's hoping my headcold makes you grateful you don't have one. :-)


sharilyn said...

what a delightful outlook for a yucky-feeling day for you! thanks for being thankful and for sharing... you inspire others with your gratitude today! : ) hope you feel better VERY soon! i'll pray for you today!

Jan Parrish said...

I'm not sick but the idea of spending the day in bed and away from everything sounds wonderful.



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