Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prophetic Words the Lord Had Me Pray over Different States

The Lord gave me words to pray over different states today.

Florida—Come forth righteous tribes of Christ

Georgia—Peach State, produce fruits of the Spirit, be resplendent with them

South Carolina—You are no longer “below” anyone. You are not beneath. You are exalted. Come up to the heavens and sit with the King

North Carolina—You are not what people have said you are. You no longer have to live under those curses. Stand up in your true identity that the Lord declares over you.

Virginia—I looked at the map and one side of Virginia has mountains while the other doesn’t, and the Lord said, “No longer be divided. Be equals and with equal authority and passion take the hand of the instrument of my purposes.”

West Virginia—Mighty Mountaineers, this is the time to look to the mountains from whence comes your strength.

Michigan—The “thumb” of the US. You are an opposable thumb. Oppose the enemy. Oppose the one who wants to steal from you. Oppose the one who would destroy you. Oppose all the lies of the enemy.

Missouri—Let the Big River of the Spirit flow through you.

Ohio—Farmers, break up your fallowed ground and sow righteousness. You will be blessed in your wombs…in your fields…in your lifestock. Problems you are seeing in your climate that is preventing strong harvests will be broken and you will bring forth a harvest that can only be of the Lord

Illinois—There is much to come from you. Creativity abounds in you. Innovation is your gift. You will bring forth such things that the United States will look at you and say, “This is from Illinois?” They expect little from you, but I know who you really are and what lies within you.

Arkansas—You are known for being centered around a Little Rock. Now be centered around the boulder of my truth. I can build great things with Little Rocks. Many doubt your heritage and family lines, but I say I will bless you until all around you will be amazed at the blessings that pour forth from you and the good things that come from you.

Iowa—Swing State—swing wide the gates of heaven that the King may come in.

Colorado—My rain and snow go forth in season to bring about what I desire, to bring about a harvest. Receive the harvest. Turn to me. CLING TO MY WORDS that cannot return void, and see what I do for you.

Nevada—You are always seeking water. How to control it. How to have more of it. Turn to me and receive the never ending water. You cannot receive what you need through the economy of men. Come to me and get what man’s money can’t buy you and see if I do not give you more than enough in all areas.

Idaho—You have been known for producing a staple food. I want to be your staple food. Some of you have received me on occasion, but you are still hungry. I want to be your everyday food.

New Mexico—Some of your ancestors have touched me. They have known me in small amounts. You are hungry for the mysteries—the mysteries are Christ. Come forth that I may pour out on you water, fountains of water for your dry lands. Lands that produced nothing, lands where there was death and barrenness will pour forth water and food. No longer will people need to pour into you but they will come to you for your overflow.

North Dakota and South Dakota—No longer be known for your badlands. You are a good land. No longer look up to men (Rushmore) but instead look up to me and see if I do not hear your prayers, pull down the walls that have blocked blessing, and restore to you promises I have made that you have held in your hearts but have lost hope for.

I anointed each state on my map with oil and prayed over it. I encourage you to do the same.


Jan Parrish said...

Thanks for sending this. Tonya and I prayed over all the states today in our prayer time.

May God continue to bless America.



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