Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gratitude 4--In the Darkness

When life is rosey and all is well, it is easy to be thankful. Gratitude often gets lost in falling in tears. However, even in the darkness, the goodness of God shines. Even in my darkness, I am grateful...

1. That broken hearts heal.
2. That Truth is still truth no matter how the circumstances look.
3. That His plans are good, and no matter what happens He can do great things with it.
4. That His love for me isn't dependent on my "keeping it together" and walking through this perfectly.
5. For people who have walked this road before me and stand along the way with an encouraging word, large hug, and a tear on their cheek, too.
6. For people who say, "Yeah, it is hell." And they don't minimize how hard it is.
7. For warriors who stand over me when I'm eating dirt on my knees trying to get my footing again.
8. For the ability to pray.
9. For friends who
--hug me while I cry,
--immediately get off the phone with one look at my face as I stand at their door late at night,
--pick up the phone when they've already fallen asleep,
--tell me it's going to be okay...and believe it
10. That God can restore anything.
11. For the faith that God has it under control and it really will be okay.
12. For the peace that this may not be what I expected, but God is not at all surprised.
13. That I can still sleep well knowing I'm a beloved daughte of the King, who is her Father's delight and the joy of His heart.




Red Light Rescue

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"It's not the wind in our hair that makes us free. It's the movement of the Spirit, the growth of our invisible side." --Amber Haines

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