Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gratitude 5--Sunshine in the Midst of the Storm

Storms happen. It is easy to get caught up in the blustery wind and pyrotechnic display and forget the blessing of the rain puddles that call us to dance, splash, and laugh.

Today, I invite you to join me in a few puddles for which I am grateful:
1. Tennis--or some very untrained version thereof
2. Being a Sheep--Are you feeling sheepish?
3. For permanent markers so I can write on my forehead.
4. That my pants are getting too big.
5. That the scale finally acknowledged what my pants have been telling me for over a week now.
6. Caleb friends
7. Showers where the temperature is adjustable. Sometimes any shower is good. When I helped drill water wells, showers were good period, but last night, a warm shower was good.
8. Ibuprofen.
9. Comfortable tennis shoes.
10. For friends who laugh with me and aren't afraid to laugh at me


Robin said...

I'm thankful for number 8 as well, but can't use it while pregnant.

What is a Caleb friend? I'm guessing it has something to do with Caleb in the OT. I wanted to name the baby Caleb if it is a boy, but my husband doesn't like the name - bummer.

Anonymous said...

Robin, I wanted our son to be Stephen Caleb. Instead he is RFP IV. The first three RFPs were thrilled.

Robin said...

My brother is a III and his son is IV - I wonder how long they will carry the tradition. I will have to email you sometime and tell you the name has gone through four generations of males in my family. I'm not quite sure why my sweet great-grand mother chose the name, but she did and everyone has passed it on even though it wasn't even that well liked.

Robin said...

Somehow I missed the permanent marker listed - you are funny!

I'm not thankful for permanent markers when my five year old is around. I'm thankful for washable markers. The other day he drew a green mustache and beard on his face and ended up covering his whole face... boys...



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